Zazzi Foods


On the early morning of August 3rd 2017, there was a devastating electrical fire at the shared production facility of Cafe Fanny Organic Granola and CC Made.  After the smoke cleared, my team and I surveyed the remains.  As I sat there among the debris, I had to decide whether or not to close the business I had spent so much time and family savings on or to restart the business.  I know that the majority of business do not ever recover after a fire.

It was the outpouring of support from my family, my team, and my friends that helped make my decision.  With the help of generous donations from friends and strangers alike through a GoFundMe campaign, we set off to rebuilding. After taking over every bit of spare space at my husband's office, we began working.  We spent the next several month salvaging and cleaning what we could.  

When I found the retail/bakery on the corner of University and Acton, it looked perfect for our needs.  While I had worked in kitchens of fine dining restaurants, I had no experience at being at the helm of any retail food establishments.  This seemed like a great opportunity for me to showcase my products.  I started developing healthy yogurt bowls incorporating our granolas.  Next I developed recipes and drinks using CC Made products.  Finally I added Toasts and Toppings to our menu for more savory bites.  These have all been recipes and dishes that I have been sharing with my family and friends.

What you will find at Zazzi Foods is food made with love that I have always made for my loved ones.



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1398 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702



M-F 8:00a–5:00p
Sa 9:00a–4:00p
Su 10:00a–4:00p


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